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Главная » 2012 » Июнь » 4 » VA - 100 Mega Hits (Love Edition) (1970-2010)
Download VA - 100 Mega Hits (Love Edition) (1970-2010) 320kbps

Артист: VA
Название: 100 Mega Hits (Love Edition)
Жанр: Blues
Год выхода: 1970-2010
Формат: MP3
Битрэйт: 320
Размер 973.62 Mb


01.phil collins - do you remember[04:37]
02.michael jackson - you are not alone[06:02]
03.lighthouse family - high[04:33]
04.andru donalds - allout of love[04:00]
05.arash feat.helena - broken angel[03:08]
06.boyzone - no matter what[04:34]
07.annie lennox - no more i love you's[04:52]
08.the righteous brothers - unchained melody[03:37]
09.richard marx - right here waiting[04:23]
10.ub40 - kingston town[03:50]
11.martine mccutcheon - perfect moment[03:49]
12.chris de burgh - the lady in red[04:15]
13.toto cutugno - serenata[03:47]
14.demis roussos - forever and ever[03:40]
15.toni braxton - un-break my heart[04:29]
16.stevie wonder - i just called to say i love you[04:19]
17.george michael - careless whisper[05:00]
18.chris norman - some hearts are diamonds[03:44]
19.whitney houston - when you believe[04:33]
(duet with mariah carey)
20.backstreet boys - anywhere for you[04:41]
21.stevie b - because i love you[04:18]
22.joe dolan - i need you[03:25]
23.boyzone - words[04:04]
24.black - wonderful life[04:23]
25.mariah carey - endless love (with luther vandross)[04:21]
26.oscar benton blues band - bensonhurst blues[03:52]
27.ronan keating - if tomorrow never comes[03:35]
28.all-4-one - i swear[03:45]
29.sting - shape of my heart[04:38]
30.florin chilian - zece[04:07]
31.janet jackson - every time[04:16]
32.whitney houston - i will always love you[04:23]
33.elvis presley - it's now or never[03:15]
34.celine dion - my heart will go on[04:41]
35.elton john - blessed[05:01]
36.blonker - sidewalk cafe[03:15]
37.sinead o'connor - nothing compares to you[04:41]
38.the kelly family - roses of red[03:46]
39.ricchi e poveri - m'innamoro di te[03:21]
40.engelbert humperdinck - spanish eyes[03:13]
41.ben e. king - stand by me[02:59]
42.the platters - only you[02:37]
43.michael bolton - when a man loves a woman[03:53]
44.down low - so long goodbye[03:47]
45.jessica - i do[04:13]
46.elvis presley - can't help falling in love[03:05]
47.the platters - sixteen tons[02:33]
48.michael bolton - now that i found you[04:35]
49.worlds apart - just say i said hello[03:57]
50.scorpions - wind of change[05:14]
51.take that - babe[04:53]
52.chris norman - midnight lady[04:12]
53.foreigner - i want to know what love is[05:06]
54.frank sinatra - stranges in the night[02:36]
55.black - wonderful life[04:50]
56.lionel richie - hello[04:11]
57.alphavile - forever young[03:48]
58.chris isaak - wicked game[04:51]
59.elvis presley - always on my mind[03:41]
60.zucchero with cheb mami - cos8 celeste[04:42]
61.status quo - in the army now[03:40]
62.michael bolton - once in a lifetime[05:53]
63.the fugees - ready or not[03:47]
64.sting - fields of gold[03:44]
65.berlin - take my breath away[04:16]
66.overkill - girl you'll be a woman soon[03:12]
67.adriano celentano - soli[04:11]
68.annie lennox - a whiter shade of pale[05:18]
69.no mercy - my promise to you[04:00]
70.rednex - wish you were here[03:55]
71.shakin' stevens - give me your heart tonight[03:04]
72.rod stewart - rhythm of my heart[04:08]
73.mica paris - one[04:19]
74.orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - walking on the[04:03]
75.aqua - turn back time[04:06]
76.al bano e romina power - sharazan[04:43]
77.elvis presley - crying in the chapel[02:27]
78.the platters - the great pretender[02:40]
79.michael bolton - that's what love is all about[03:58]
80.michael bolton - missing you now (feat. kenny g)[04:26]
81.boy george - do you really want to hurt me[04:25]
82.julio iglesias - mammy blue[04:13]
83.gary moore - still got the blues[04:13]
84.demis roussos - goodbye my love goodbye[03:56]
85.goombay dance band - seven tears[03:59]
86.mariah carey - i still believe[03:56]
87.phil collins - true colours[05:32]
88.the kelly family - i can't help myself[03:06]
89.louise - light of my life[04:15]
90.shaggy - piece of my heart (with marsha)[04:14]
91.melanie c lisa 'left eye' lopez - never be the same[04:13]
92.james last - lonesome shepherd[04:23]
93.romantic collection - nostalgie[03:53]
94.richard clayderman - theme from love story[03:02]
95.joe dassin - et si tu n'existais pas[03:28]
96.elvis presley - can't help falling in love[03:05]
97.al bano e romina power - prima notte d'amore[02:57]
98.modern talking - we still have dreams[03:08]
99.nenah cherry - woman[04:31]
100shakira - antes de las seis[02:55]

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